The Founders


 Picture of Mayor Bret Schundler Former Jerey City Mayor, Bret Schundler, has provided critical support of BelovED since its inception.

Founding Board

The School’s founding board, several of whom are pictured here, desired to provide improved educational opportunities for Jersey City children.

 Picture of Founding Board Members

 Picture of Sal Risalvato  
Founding Board Treasurer, Salvatore Risalvalto  


Founding Board Vice-President, Rev. Ronnie Calvin Clark. Picture of Rev. Clark 

Our Home

Our founders were able to acquire the site of the former Schomberg Charter School at 508 Grand Street located a quarter mile west of the Jersey City Medical Center. 

BelovED kicked-off by offering grades K-2 in September 2012, with 120 children in each grade level. Its founders envisioned adding one grade level per year until the school became a K-12 school. Currently BelovED has students through the 10th grade. 


BelovED soon outgrew its initial space and began adding buildings. 


Annex Building Under Construction


In 2014 a 25,000 SF annex was added.


Modular Classroom Building Under Construction


In 2018 a 16,296 SF classroom building was added.


High School Building Under Construction


In 2019 a 53,564 SF high school building was added.